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Energy & Power Consulting

Fontana Energy Associates creates value by bringing our experience to bear where needed in your development cycle—and by flowing with the opportunities and challenges that arise.

Our track record speaks for itself, with a proven ability to get projects approved, financed, and built. We were part of the development team that secured the required approvals for the Desert Sunlight project, a 550 Mw PV facility located in the California desert. We also supported Macquarie Energy in developing a 600 Mw natural gas combined cycle power plant in the eastern US.

Our clients look to us to focus our skills and experience on the hard problems that can make-or-break project economics.  We worked closely with a client to identify and secure economic emission credits to secure an air permit for a natural gas generation facility. We have represented projects in stakeholder outreach where it was necessary to consider a wide range of competing interests to advance project approvals.

Our clients include us in their project teams to manage and navigate complex development issues that require experience and dedicated effort. We have significant experience in California and other states where complex regulatory frameworks exist. We have managed large generation projects where a joint federal and state environmental document was prepared (EIS/EIR). This work included coordination not only with the respective lead agencies but with a large number of cooperating agencies, including the Army Corps of Engineers, Historic Preservation Office, and US Fish and Wildlife Service. Our project management oversight includes the interconnection process, project mitigation, and monitoring plan development.


Fontana Energy Associates becomes a full, integrated partner in its clients’ projects.

Clients often engage us in strategic planning well before beginning a project. In today’s highly competitive and fast-paced energy market, these early activities often make the difference between success and failure—whether it’s through the choice of geographic region, the selection of technology, or target pricing.

Once development begins, Fontana Energy Associates often leads focused investigations on selecting the optimum site, manages critical activities such as preparing permit applications, directs environmental and legal consultants, and manages the overall development.

We offer the following specific services and often act as the lead developer, integrating these activities seamlessly into projects on your behalf. This flexibility to do what you need most sets us apart.


Site Selection

Site Selection

Strategic and informed selection of sites and routes is the critical first step for every project.
Permit Applications

Permit Applications

Fontana Energy Associates selects and manages the teams of experts needed to apply for and receive permits.
Offtake Negotiations

Offtake Negotiations​

Fontana Energy Associates advises clients on the projected needs of investor-owned utilities and on the trajectories of prices for renewable and clean power.


By combining a variety of generation and storage technologies, microgrids can provide a high level of local reliability and avoid losses associated with transmission.
Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Engineering, Procurement, & Construction​

We routinely represent our clients in the supplier and EPC contractor selection process.

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