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We Help Develop Energy Assets

Fontana Energy Associates stewards renewable and clean energy projects through all phases of development, from site selection through permit applications to the closing of finance.

Our current project work includes the development of several large-scale renewable energy projects, including a 600 MW proposed for the western U.S. We are actively advising a leading investment firm regarding the purchase of multiple project portfolios and conducting diligence on these assets. In addition, we are developing several transmission lines needed to interconnect projects to the grid.  Our energy storage work includes some of the largest energy storage projects currently under development.

If your firm would like to develop energy assets, then we welcome a conversation about whether our approaches and goals may be right for each other.

Experience Providing Powerful Decisions

Fontana Energy strives to be a strategic resource for our clients. We advise major energy companies on investments across the spectrum of renewable technologies, including solar,  wind, and geothermal. A recent assignment for a major integrated energy company was to evaluate a wide range of renewable generation projects (solar PV, CSP, wind, and geothermal) and rank them as potential acquisition targets that could be augmented with energy storage.

We work seamlessly with our clients, and we can bring energy and excitement to your projects. We are focused, flexible to match your needs, nimble, and efficient; and we can lend expertise to a focused short-term assignment, help achieve a long-term strategic goal, or offer complete project management. We bring a wealth of strategy, established relationships, and consultation to each unique project. Our clients trust us with critical projects and timelines. We become an integral part of their development teams.

We choose our clients and projects carefully according to shared vision, integrity, and awareness of the social and environmental effects of our actions—and according to our ethics policy. Then we bring these projects to life.

Our Services

Energy & Power Consulting

Fontana Energy Associates creates value by bringing our experience to bear where it is needed in your individual development cycle—and by flowing with the opportunities and challenges that arise.

Site Selection

Site Selection

Strategic and informed selection of sites and routes is the critical first step for every project.
Permit Applications

Permit Applications

Fontana Energy Associates selects and manages the teams of experts needed to apply for and receive permits.
Offtake Negotiations

Offtake Negotiations

Fontana Energy Associates advises clients on the projected needs of investor-owned utilities and on the trajectories of prices.

Why Work with Us?

Fontana Energy Associates stewards renewable and clean energy projects through all phases of development, from site selection through permitting to the closing of finance.

Our team’s 40+ years of experience with conventional and next-generation technologies—and our client-focused approach—allow us to

Find the right site for you

Manage the complex project approval process involving over twenty different federal, state, and local agencies

Join together with you as a key strategic part of your acquisition and divestiture team

Flow with the challenges and opportunities specific to your project

Bring a unique view of the power market cultivated from our far-ranging hands-on experience

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Global Awareness & Strategy

In addition to our work on specific projects, we routinely advise our clients concerning their strategies on project development, including expected changes to the regulatory environment, the potential for intervention by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and means to streamline the development and approval process.

We have a unique insight into both the overall shape and the focused subtleties of the electric power market. Whether you are starting from scratch with a greenfield project or responding to utility RFPs to secure offtake for a project in progress, we can bring critical acumen collected from various sources. We get answers to questions about the latest regulatory developments and legal requirements. We provide market insight and strategic knowledge. We bring an impressive network of partners to provide complementary services.

Our track record speaks for itself. Fontana Energy Associates team members have led development efforts resulting in completed projects totaling over 10 Gigawatts, constructed, and operating. We strive not just to complete applications or forms but to help you put steel in the ground.


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Investment in renewable energy and energy storage is at an all-time high. Whether it is an investment in a single project or acquisition of a portfolio, we have direct experience that adds value to your diligence and execution efforts.

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As we redefine the way we integrate renewable energy into the grid, energy storage has emerged as a key piece of the puzzle.  Fontana Energy is actively developing multiple renewable plus storage projects across a wide range of geographies.

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If your firm would like to develop energy assets, we welcome a conversation about whether our approach and goals may be right for each other.