Project development is the core of our business.  Fontana Energy’s experience includes fossil fuel assets such as natural gas generation as well as renewable energy such as wind, solar and other technologies. We are proud to count the leading global development shops in our client base. We work hard to become part of the team and advise on strategies to grow portfolios as well as to conduct project-specific development activities including securing site control, acquiring permits, supporting interconnection applications, and conducting stakeholder outreach.  We recently supported the development of a strategy to grow a solar PV portfolio in the southeastern U.S.  After identifying target markets, we worked with transmission engineers to identify specific points of interconnection. This was followed by the identification of target land parcels, outreach to landowners, and negotiation of options.  Fontana Energy then vetted the sites from an environmental perspective.  The result of this effort is a portfolio of projects totaling over 1 GW that is currently in development that we are supporting.

Having a site for generation is only part of the overall project solution. As transmission has become more constrained, the siting and permitting of transmission, both backbone lines and Gen-tie lines, has become more critical. Fontana Energy supported the development and permitting of a 220-mile high-voltage transmission line in the southwest U.S. and is actively involved in securing easements and permits for multiple Gen-tie lines ranging from 1- to 10-miles.


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Investment in renewable energy and energy storage is at an all-time high. Whether it is an investment in a single project or acquisition of a portfolio, we have direct experience that adds value to your diligence and execution efforts.


As we redefine the way we integrate renewable energy into the grid, energy storage has emerged as a key piece of the puzzle.  Fontana Energy is actively developing multiple renewable plus storage projects across a wide range of geographies.


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