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As the transition of the energy sector continues, both sustainability and reliability remain key attributes.  While most of the focus has been on the development of renewable generation and energy storage technologies, the role of microgrids has increased, allowing both the commercial and residential sectors to address their energy needs and concerns directly. By combining a variety of generation and storage technologies, microgrids can provide a high level of local reliability and avoid losses associated with transmission.

Fontana Energy has supported the development of microgrids since some of their deployment.  

We supported Advanced MicroGrid Solutions in the development of their first commercial projects in Southern California when battery energy storage systems were deployed in large commercial buildings.  These systems enhance reliability and support the grid during peak power use periods. The building owners were also able to reduce their power costs.

Since then, we have continued to support microgrid development as commercial and mixed-use developments include these types of systems in their projects.  These microgrid projects require careful integration into the project planning and development process. Fontana Energy plays a key role in our client’s development teams, from site selection and land use permitting to support through the interconnection process.  We bring a strong knowledge base of a wide range of generation and storage technologies that adds significant value from project design to implementation.


Fontana Energy Associates becomes a full, integrated partner in its clients’ projects.

Clients often engage us in strategic planning well before beginning a project. In today’s highly competitive and fast-paced energy market, these early activities often make the difference between success and failure—whether it’s through the choice of geographic region, the selection of technology, or target pricing.

Once development begins, Fontana Energy Associates often leads focused investigations on selecting the optimum site, manages critical activities such as preparing permit applications, directs environmental and legal consultants, and manages the overall development.

We offer the following specific services and often act as the lead developer, integrating these activities seamlessly into projects on your behalf. This flexibility to do what you need most sets us apart.


Site Selection

Site Selection

Strategic and informed selection of sites and routes is the critical first step for every project.
Permit Applications

Permit Applications

Fontana Energy Associates selects and manages the teams of experts needed to apply for and receive permits.
Offtake Negotiations

Offtake Negotiations​

Fontana Energy Associates advises clients on the projected needs of investor-owned utilities and on the trajectories of prices for renewable and clean power.


By combining a variety of generation and storage technologies, microgrids can provide a high level of local reliability and avoid losses associated with transmission.
Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Engineering, Procurement, & Construction​

We routinely represent our clients in the supplier and EPC contractor selection process.

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